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About SourceWatch

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SourceWatch was developed by Radok Corporation in 1998 out of necessity, after learning that many images and text content were taken from several of its client's websites.
In a few extreme cases, complete websites were stolen and setup on new domains. 

That's when we started developing practical solutions designed to minimize loss through processes that are transparent to the desired visitors - yet discourage and often eliminate online content theft.

We also provide in our Control Panel all of the tools we have used over the years to detect infringement, due diligence on the infringer (website intelligence), infringement documentation, infringement analysis, determine the infringement score, and the best action to take against any infringement.

SourceWatch is Completely Safe

There are no JavaScripts, encryption or other programs that often have browser compatibility issues, and SourceWatch will never alter the look, usability, reliability or download time of your website.

Protecting Your Website is Easy

SourceWatch website protection provides an easy process that includes image, content and html protection, our watchful SourceWatch shield and a fully customized "Protected Website" warning page. Compare our plans to determine the best plan that serves your needs.

Simply select your plan, cut and paste the supplied SourceWatch code in your website's HTML, and we handle the rest!

You've spent a lot of time and money developing your website, why not invest a few more minutes to determine the best way to protect it?

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I had an entire website stolen in 1989. I added SourceWatch in 1990 and have had no problems since.
B. Morgan
Works great for me. Very detailed on the legal aspects of copyright protection. I showed the SourceWatch control panel to my IP attorney, and he loved it!
S. Odom
I really like how SourceWatch strikes a balance between website protection and marketing. It also taught me a lot about copyright notices, fair use, work for hire agreements and many other factors that I hadn't considered.
J. Riegert
Finally a way to safeguard our content without a bunch of gimmicks that affect our regular visitors. I'm very satisfied with the results.
L. Dolan
For less cost than an hour of my attorney's time, SourceWatch provides the tools I need to understand and analyze the cases myself, then bring in my attorney when it's prudent to do so.
R. Kemp
Not only did SourceWatch stop the infringements, it also taught my company how to take care of our copyrights, and make sure we weren't stealing from others.
A. Anderson
Simple, reliable, and effective.
I couldn't be happier.
T. Dougherty