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Pro Marketing

Included with the SourceWatch Pro Plan

Internet marketing is the essential link that connects buyers with your website. SourceWatch, backed by Radok Corporation's 15 years of search engine marketing experience, provides a marketing strategy that is cost-efficient, targeted and offers increased traffic and sales conversions for your business.

The key to success is ensuring that your website is prominently positioned in the major search engines and seen by your prospective buyers, since most search engine users don't look past page one of the results.
With the Pro Marketing package, SourceWatch will setup text ad links with more than 250,000 impressions per year linking to your website. Also included is our latest Website Promotion Guide - a proven how-to reference for developing a successful Internet marketing strategy for your online business.

What This Means For Your Business

Prompt inclusion in Google, Bing and Yahoo, and better search positions that provide a higher click rate, more credibility and higher sales conversions

Increased traffic to your site from text ads and organic SEO

Better targeting: Increased traffic comes from better qualified visitors

Efficiency: Lower traffic costs result in higher profits per sale

Increased traffic and sales conversions provide more sales of your products and services from local, national and/or worldwide target markets.

Marketing Trends

Website owners have been moving from conventional advertising such as Yellow Pages, newspapers and direct mail to search marketing because it works. Research shows that for every dollar you spend on search marketing, you generate an average return of $21.85.1

In a recent five-year Radok study2 of more than 20 million clicks, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) organic traffic cost an average of 17 cents per click, with AdWords traffic at 72 cents per click. Compare that to the cost of sales leads from Yellow Pages ads ($1.18)3 and direct mail inserts ($9.94),3 and you can quickly see the advantages of using powerful search marketing.

1. Global Insight, 2009
2. Radok 2009 survey with a 20 million click sampling
3. US Bancorp Piper Jaffray

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Note: There are website suitability requirements for purchasing the Pro Plan. To maintain the integrity of our network, SourceWatch does not accept any Pro Plan orders whose website could be perceived as dishonest, exploitive, or contains or promotes spam, spyware or other harmful or illegal activity.
See Website Suitability Requirements for more information and restrictions.
The Pro Marketing package is sold exclusively with the Pro Plan and is not available separately. More powerful Marketing packages are available for up to 10 million impressions at additional cost. Contact a SourceWatch representative for more information. Text ad placement for the Pro Marketing package is solely at the discretion of SourceWatch.