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SourceWatch services require no image uploads. Simply copy/paste the code, and we deliver the images from our reliable S3 cloud servers.

SourceWatch Pro Plan

Premium Website Protection Features

Pro Website Protection Plan
Pro Plan - $795
/year + $95 setup*
For business, commercial and E-commerce websites

The SourceWatch Pro Plan provides content protection tools that seamlessly link to your custom SourceWatch Warning Page. The Warning Page is linked from your website to ensure that visitors know you value your content and take copyright infringement issues seriously.

The Pro Plan also maintains the critical balance between website protection and marketing, by providing more than 250,000 text ad impressions per year.

Warning Page
SourceWatch Warning Page
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Control Panel
SourceWatch Control Panel
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Pro Marketing Package
Pro SEO Marketing
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The Pro Plan includes your own custom SourceWatch Control Panel that is password protected and provides added protection and enforcement tools including Image protection tools, simple cut/paste code, triple cloud hosting, and a wide range of copyright enforcement, methods and tips all designed to help stop and enforce infringement issues.

Pro Plan Includes:
Website Protection Shield
SourceWatch Warning Page
SourceWatch Control Panel
Advanced Protection and Enforcement
Website Protection Guide
Website Enforcement Guide
U.S. Copyright Law and Legal Guide
U.S. Copyright Registration Guide
Copyright Tools
Copyright Guides and Forms
Website Promotion Guide
    (50 Ways to Improve Your Online Business)
Pro Marketing Package
Text Ad Impressions: 250,000
Cloud Hosting: Triple Servers
Annual Page View Limits: 100 million
Also See: Compare Plans, Buy
*Setup for the Pro Plan includes the custom Warning Page, Control Panel and Pro Marketing package. Simple cut/paste SourceWatch code added to website by client.
There are website suitability requirements for purchasing the Pro Plan. To maintain the integrity of our network, SourceWatch does not accept any Pro Plan orders whose website could be perceived as dishonest, exploitive, or contains or promotes spam, spyware or other harmful or illegal activity.
See Website Suitability Requirements for more information and restrictions.
Due to the many variations in copyright law from country to country, SourceWatch is currently only
available in the United States. Always consult your attorney for any copyright issues you may have.
Notice: Advertising inventory for the Pro Plan may be limited. Subject to Availability.

Pro Plan Features

Some of the sections included
in the Pro Plan Control Panel:
Website Protection
Website Protection Guide
Website Protection FAQ
Website Enforcement
Website Enforcement FAQ
Website Promotion Guide
Detect Infringements
Website Intelligence Tools
Document the Infringement
Infringement Analysis
Infringement Score
Find the Infringer
Take Action
Fair Use Guide
Verify Ownership
DMCA Takedown Notice
DMCA Sample Notice
Compliance Emails
Copyright Notice
CMI Protection Guide
Statutory Damages
Copyright Registration
Title 17 USC Law Reference
Copyright Basics - Circular 1
Work for Hire Guide
Terms of Use Guide
Innocent Intent Guide
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction
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