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SourceWatch Warning Page

Included in All SourceWatch Plans

Just as home alarm companies place a "Protected By" sign at vulnerable areas of your home, the SourceWatch warning Shield and other embedded deterrents are a few of the key protection elements to the SourceWatch program. It is a well identified warning icon that, unlike a standard copyright notice that is often ignored, is placed on your web pages to alert prospective infringers that you are serious about protecting your valuable content.
As many of our clients can attest to, prevention is always much better and more economical than having to enforce an infringement issue later.

SourceWatch Deterrents Link to Your Custom Warning Page

SourceWatch Warning Page

By clicking on the SourceWatch Shield or other embedded warning icons, the user is directed to your own personalized SourceWatch Warning Page that delivers a third-party ominous warning to prospective content thieves of the repercussions and penalties associated with taking your content. 

Silver Plan Warning Page
Silver Warning Page
Go to an actual page
GOLD Plan Warning Page
Gold Warning Page
Go to an actual page
PRO Plan Warning Page
Pro Warning Page
Go to an actual page

The embedded SourceWatch code not only discourages content theft, it also leaves a trail of any infringement in the event that your content is taken by manual or automated means such as web-scraping software.

Adding SourceWatch is Easy

We create your custom SourceWatch Warning Page, do all the hosting, and provide you with simple cut & paste code to add to your website.

To add the SourceWatch Shield and warning page link to your website, simply select any of the included 28 available Shields, Copy its associated Shield code, then Paste to your site. There are no images to load or complicated html code to figure out, simply place the snippet of code in the footer or other location you desire on your web pages.


I had an entire website stolen in 1989. I added SourceWatch in 1990 and have had no problems since.
B. Morgan
Works great for me. Very detailed on the legal aspects of copyright protection. I showed the SourceWatch control panel to my IP attorney, and he loved it!
S. Odom
I really like how SourceWatch strikes a balance between website protection and marketing. It also taught me a lot about copyright notices, fair use, work for hire agreements and many other factors that I hadn't considered.
J. Riegert
Finally a way to safeguard our content without a bunch of gimmicks that affect our regular visitors. I'm very satisfied with the results.
L. Dolan
For less cost than an hour of my attorney's time, SourceWatch provides the tools I need to understand and analyze the cases myself, then bring in my attorney when it's prudent to do so.
R. Kemp
Not only did SourceWatch stop the infringements, it also taught my company how to take care of our copyrights, and make sure we weren't stealing from others.
A. Anderson
Simple, reliable, and effective.
I couldn't be happier.
T. Dougherty
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